Scheduling Client Appointments via Text Messaging (Mobile)

Texting your customers is a great way to ask and confirm meetings and appointments. When using Hearsay Relate on your mobile phone, you can tap the text message to schedule a meeting to your phone’s native calendar as well as schedule a reminder text message for the customer to receive a day in advance, or at a specific date and time chosen by you.

To get started, open the Hearsay Relate application on your mobile device. Hearsay Relate will detect and underline dates listed within your conversation. Hearsay Relate distinguishes the context in which the date is referenced, such as this “Friday” “This Friday” and “Next Friday.”

Simply tap the underline date and a menu will appear. Tap Add Event to Calendar and Hearsay Relate will generate an appointment on your phone’s native calendar app, such as iCal for iPhone users. Tap Add to finish this process.

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