Getting Started/Setup

Inviting Staff/Delegates to Text on Your Behalf

Within the Web UI for Relate, workspace owners are able to allow multi-user access. To enable this a Workspace Owner needs to invite a user to be a member of their Workspace.

Multi-User access allows Workspace members to message on your behalf.  

Messages sent on behalf of the Workspace Owner are noted by a green color and state "on behalf of you" where it shows sender.




*Please note that the person receiving the texts sent from Hearsay Messages will not see a difference between the Workspace Owner and the Workspace Member. 



How can I add a Workspace Member?

To add a Workspace Member the Workspace Owner:

- Click your user-panel in the top-right corner of your workspace.

- From the drop-down, choose Workspace Settings.

- Enter the email address of your staff in the box presented and click Invite.

- Your staff will receive the invitation in their inbox. Have the staff member click the blue Accept Invitation button to gain access.





Team Texting Identification

If enabled for your organization, text attribution adds an assistant's name to a text that is sent by them. When an assistant sends a message through Relate, their first name and last initial (ex. Amanda M.) will be added to the message, as shown in the example below. The assistant’s name is pulled from the name for the user account associated with the workspace they are in. This will show in the text sent to the client, indicating to the client that a member of the workspace owner’s staff has responded to the message. 



Q: Will this apply only to assistants in a workspace or will the workspace owner’s name be put in parentheses as well?
A: This will apply only to assistants. This behavior will not occur for workspace owners. 


Q: Is this available at the point of attestation?
A: No, this will only display for messages sent after the attestation message is sent. 


Q: Will it apply to previous text messages or only messages moving forward?
A: This will not be applied retroactively. It will apply only to messages that are sent after the setting is enabled. 


Q: Is the name considered “plain text” or part of the SMS that’s being sent?
A: The attribution name is considered part of the SMS that is being sent.