Getting Started/Setup

Inviting Staff/Delegates to Text on Your Behalf

Within the Web UI for Relate, workspace owners are able to allow multi-user access. To enable this a Workspace Owner needs to invite a user to be a member of their Workspace.

Multi-User access allows Workspace members to message on your behalf.  

Messages sent on behalf of the Workspace Owner are noted by a green color and state "on behalf of you" where it shows sender.




*Please note that the person receiving the texts sent from Hearsay Messages will not see a difference between the Workspace Owner and the Workspace Member. 


How can I add a Workspace Member?

To add a Workspace Member the Workspace Owner:

- Click your user-panel in the top-right corner of your workspace.

- From the drop-down, choose Workspace Settings.

- Enter the email address of your staff in the box presented and click Invite.

- Your staff will receive the invitation in their inbox. Have the staff member click the blue Accept Invitation button to gain access.