Creating a Group Text on Hearsay Desktop

Group Texting allows users to send and receive messages as well as share files (in JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats) with groups of up to 9 contacts simultaneously, while also meeting compliance guidelines. Group Texting makes several use cases possible, such as allowing a wealth advisor to simultaneously hold conversations with multiple individuals in a household, or empowering an insurance agent to communicate with many different team members in a client organization at the same time.

Create a Group Text on Hearsay Desktop

To create and send a Group Text on Hearsay Desktop, log in to your account and follow these steps:

  1. In the side menu, under Conversations, click Message & Call.
  2. In the top-right, click the New Group button.

  3. Search for and add between 2 and 9 contacts that you would like to include in the group text. Only contacts who have opted in to receiving messages appear in this list. If a contact has not opted in to receiving messages, they must complete the organization’s opt-in process before that can be added to a group. Toll-free numbers cannot be added to a group.

  4. Under Group Name, enter a name for your group, then click Save. The group name can be edited later, if needed.

  5. Confirm if all the necessary contacts have been added to your group, and in the pop-up window, click Yes. If you need to add more members, click Cancel. Once a group has been created, new contacts cannot be added and existing contacts cannot be removed from the group.


Your new group appears in the Conversations tab and you can start sending messages to it.


After you send a message to the group, a checkmark indicates the text was sent to the carrier successfully. Once the text is received by group members, anyone in the group can respond. 


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