Creating Original Content

If permitted by your organization, you can create your own original content by clicking Content > Post and then choosing New Post. This will allow you to type your own text, include a web address, or attach an image. You'll have the ability to control which social accounts receive your content and whether your post will publish instantly or be scheduled for a later delivery.

Note: Based on your organization's compliance policies, you'll be able to either publish the content right away so long as no infraction keywords are detected, or you will need to click Request Approval. This will submit your original content to your compliance team for review. Once approved, your content will be shared/scheduled to your account.


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  • Photos
    • You can include multiple photos in a post by pressing the Add Photo button after your first image has been uploaded.
  • Links/URLs
    • When adding a link, a summary card will be generated, including a thumbnail, headline, description and domain name of the URL. This link can be removed from the body of the text and the summary card will remain.
      • LinkedIn specific: If you wish to include the URL within the body of the text, do not include it at the end of the post as LinkedIn will strip the URL from the post. This is expected behavior.
      • Facebook specific: Because Facebook does not allow for event publishing from third parties, posts that contain a Facebook event link will not successfully publish. End-users should not include Facebook event links in posts as this is not supported natively on
  • # Hashtags
    • Include hashtags by entering in the # symbol before publishing or scheduling a post. Examples include: #HearsaySystems #FinancialServices #Advisor #Agent
  • @ Mentions
    • Twitter & Instagram: Type the @ symbol and include the name of your connection's account.
      • Examples include: @HearsaySystems @TheEconomist
    • Due to API limitations, mentions must be performed natively when using Facebook or LinkedIn and cannot be completed within Hearsay.