Publishing and Scheduling Compliance-Approved Content

Your organization has done a fantastic job at creating and curating a suggested content library for your use. This means that all content found within your suggested content library is approved by compliance and can be instantly shared to your social accounts. Watch the following video to learn how to publish and schedule content to your social accounts.

Click Post Library from the left navigation bar to navigate to your Content Library, where you can view all of the pre-approved content available to you.

The tabs within the Post Library include:

Recommended: AI-generated recommendations
Browse: Traditional Post Library layout that allows for filtering and search
Suggested: Displays pre-approved content curated by your organization for your instant publishing/scheduling use.
Pre-released: Displays content that is not yet available to be published or scheduled but is coming soon.
Scheduled: Content you have scheduled for later delivery.
Published: Content you have published to your social accounts.
Pending: Original content that you have created and is currently awaiting compliance review.
Denied: Original content that you created but was denied by your compliance team as it did not align with compliance policy.


Greyed Out Social Networks

Q: Even though I have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram connected to my workspace, the publisher window is only allowing me to share to some of these networks and not all of them. Why is this?

A: Your administration team, in order to better suit the environment of the network, can limit pre-approved content to specific accounts. As an example, a post may be curated specifically for LinkedIn but not for Instagram as this network does not support hyperlinks.

Pro Tip: When viewing your content library, reference the Network filter on the bottom-left corner of your screen. This tool will allow you to filter networks/accounts that have pre-approved content available for them.

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