By searching your contacts for people you know or would like to connect with, you are able to find a current connected contact or research and discover new contacts to help grow your network without leaving the Hearsay Social application.

Note: Only the social accounts that you have connected to Hearsay Social will return search results. For example, if you have your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts connected to Hearsay Social, search results will be displayed for only those two social networks.

Follow the steps below to search for contacts in your social contacts list and people on your connected social account(s) who you may want to connect with to grow your social network.   

  1. Select the Contacts tab on the top navigation bar.
  2. Select the Search tab to the right of the Browse tab.

Note: You can also select the search box to the right of the Search tab or the Search Your Contacts link on the left sidebar to access the Search tab.


  1. Type the name of the contact (person) who you would like to search for the search box.
  2. Select the search button (magnifying glass icon) to the right of the search box.

Note: Selecting the See All Results link associated with each social account's search results or the Search link associated with your connected social account(s) on the left sidebar display only that social account's search results.

Accessing Social Contacts and Connecting New Contacts

  • Your Social Contacts: This is the list of your contacts that you are already connected with via one or more of your social accounts connected to Hearsay Social. Select one of your contacts to access their contact information in Hearsay Social.
  • Social Network(s): Below the list of Your Social Contacts are the search results from the social networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, that you have connected to Hearsay Social.
    • Selecting one of the people listed takes you to that person's social account in the social network, such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Once you are taken to that person's social account, you can connect with them, if you are not already connected.

Note: If Twitter is one of your social accounts connected to Hearsay Social, you can follow new contacts without leaving the Hearsay Social application by selecting the +Follow button on the rightmost side of the person's Twitter information. 

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