In Hearsay Social, you can search through your various contacts that you have in your different social networks that you are connected to, all without ever leaving the Hearsay platform. 

Note: Only the social accounts that you have connected to Hearsay Social will return search results. For example, if you have your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts connected to Hearsay Social, search results will be displayed for only those two social networks.

Follow the steps below to search for contacts in your social contacts list and people on your connected social account(s) who you may want to connect with to grow your social network.   

  1. Select the Contacts tab on the top navigation bar.Screen_Shot_2022-05-03_at_4.58.37_PM.png
  2. Type the name of the contact (person) who you would like to search for in the search box.
  3. Select the search button (magnifying glass icon) to the right of the search box.


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