Managing your Hearsay Contacts

The Contacts page will help you manage your entire book of business from one single place. To quickly search via desktop through your existing contacts list, you can use the different filters and search tools that are available on your workspace. To find a contact: 

  • The most direct option is the Search bar:

    1. Enter your contact name or phone number in the search box. 
    2. And click on the magnifying glass to be redirected to the correct contact.


  • Another option is to use the Show filter:

    1. Click the arrow next to All Contacts to access the drop-down menu and the different view filters.
    2. And select how you want to filter your contacts list.


  • You can also filter by Contact Type.

Please note you must first assign types to your contacts in order to use this filter. To learn how to do it, please visit our article Assigning Contact Types for Your Book of Business in Hearsay Relate.

Then click the Filters by option to filter by Contact Type.


  • The last option is to use personalized Lists of contacts.

Once again, you must first create Lists, and assign them to contacts, in order to be able to filter using this tool. To create Lists:

    1. Click Bulk Options and select New List
    2. Click + New List.
    3. Type the List name of your choice, and select Add List.
    4. Close the Manage Lists window. 

To assign Lists to contacts:

  1. Place your mouse on the contact of your choice, and click the List icon at the right of it. 
  2. Select the List of your choice to see it appear on the contact card. 


Once done, you can use the Filters by option to filter with the Lists you created. 


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