How to Share Your Contact Card in Hearsay Relate

Hearsay Relate makes it easy for your customers to save your contact information in their phone via Contact Cards. Like a business card but better, this allows the advisor or agent to send their name, phone number and email address at the same time so that the customer can simply save the contact card into their address book. To verify and send your contact card, follow these steps or follow along with the video below:

  1. Log into Hearsay Relate on your computer and click your Account Page. The information listed will be the information shared to the customer.
  2. To send a Contact Card, click Conversations.
  3. Click the Attach Contact Card button in the bottom right corner. The contact card will be added into the body of the message where the advisor or agent can include more information if necessary.
  4. Once sent, the customer can tap the Contact Card to view it on their phone where they can then tap "Create New Contact”, “Add to Existing Contact”, or “Update Contact” to save the information to their address book.

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