What is Hearsay Relate Voice Calling?

Hearsay Relate empowers financial services representatives to compliantly connect with clients via built-in cellular or internet (VoIP) for a modern, reliable calling experience. A strong network (wifi, cellular, etc) connection and granting relevant permissions (device or browser microphone, etc)are required to make voice calls with Hearsay Relate.

Note: If "Do not disturb" is turned on your phone settings, then you will not receive phone calls until you turn it off. This is the same expected behavior as with phone calls received to the device's personal number. It will impact text message notifications, as well.

Benefits include:

  • Simple, secure, reliable calling, on iOS devices, smartphone, tablet, and desktop
  • Support for company owned or BYOD mobility programs
  • Cellular and VoIP voice calling functionality
  • Cloud-based solution requiring no additional hardware or equipment
  • “Softphone” functionality with virtual phone features including dialer, voicemail, and caller ID features
  • Intuitive mobile and desktop application to quickly designate, organize, and execute on business calls
  • Seamless contact sync for calling on whatever device is most convenient



What does Hearsay use to make phone calls?

Hearsay allows you to connect using cellular or VOIP, depending on your organization's configuration.


What are the benefits of cellular?

Calls can be made anywhere with strong cellular coverage. Calling and long distance plans are increasingly unlimited offerings from carriers.

Are there any considerations when using cellular?

If cell coverage is sparse, calls can be dropped. Cellular uses phone minutes to complete the call and international calls may cost more. Return calls may be placed using the personal number. Caller ID may be inconsistent or impact reliability. A bridge number experience can be awkward for recipients so it is something to be mindful of.

What are the benefits of using VOIP?

With internet connection, anyone can make a call to any user. Calls are not restricted by call minutes or long distance. VOIP calls work on Wifi, 5G, and LTE. Users can easily enable features like international calling, voicemail, and click-to-call from CRM.

Are there any considerations for using VOIP?

The main thing to keep in mind with VOIP is there is an increase mobile data usage/costs when not using wifi.

What happens if calls are dropped?

You can contact the Hearsay Support Team at support@hearsaysystems.com, by texting 611 or by submitting a ticket via the Hearsay Mobile App. You can submit a ticket in the app by going to Settings -> Contact Us -> Leave Feedback to create a support ticket within the Hearsay Mobile App.


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