Hearsay Relate Quick Replies for Desktop

With Quick Replies, users can easily select canned responses that are generated contextually based on conversations that contain common inquiries related to claims, meetings, policy changes and more.


With Quick Replies, you can:

  • Leverage auto-generated replies within the web app
  • Choose from three automatically generated messages designed to help you respond quickly and keep the conversation going.

To use Quick Replies:

  1. Once a response from a contact is received, the user can choose from three automatically generated messages.

  2. Click on the Quick Reply that you'd like to send.

  3. The selected message will appear in the text field. Please edit and customize the text if you'd like.




Advisors and agents using the mobile app have been able to quickly respond to their clients at scale with Quick Replies. Since 85-90% of the usage of Messages came from assistants, we added the functionality to the web application for ease of use.



Q: Who has access to this feature?

A: Quick replies in the desktop experience are a feature that is on by default and available to all orgs.

Q: Are Quick Replies documented the same way as Hearsay Messages?

A: Standard archiving and compliance features apply.

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