Mobile App


Multi-Ring is feature available for Hearsay Relate accounts using net-new numbers.

This feature routes an incoming call to you and your workspace member’s mobile devices at the same time, allowing everyone on your team the opportunity to answer the call. This feature is only available for users with a dedicated number and is not available for landline enabled phones. With this release, any incoming call will ring through to the workspace members who have downloaded the Hearsay Relate application on their smartphones. 

Prior to this feature release, when a client called their agent or advisor, the incoming call to the Hearsay business line was routed to the owner of the workspace.

With Multi-ring, users are now able to add the phone numbers of assistants to their workspace as well. Now, if a client calls their agent or advisor, each phone line that is added to a workspace will ring simultaneously so that both assistants and the agent or advisor are able to answer this call to service their client's needs more efficiently.

Note: Your workspace members will need to download the Hearsay Relate Mobile Application and connect their mobile device to your workspace in order for this feature to work properly. Landline numbers do not support this feature.

Answering the Call:
• If a workspace member answers the call, that workspace member will be prompted to speak with the incoming caller.
• All other workspace member’s mobile devices will default back to the phone’s last action/screen.
• The call will appear under the All section within Hearsay Relate’s Call History tab.

Missed Calls:
• If the call goes to Voicemail, the call will be recorded under the All section of Hearsay Relate’s Call History tab.
• If the caller hangs up before reaching the voicemail, the call will be recorded under the Missed section of Hearsay Relate's Call History tab.