Sending Broadcast Messages to 8 Contacts


What are Broadcast Messages?

Relate customers have repeatedly requested the ability to send texts to unique contact lists. With Broadcast messages, Relate users can now send texts to up to 8 opted-in clients with a single click.

Critically, all replies to Broadcast Messages will be received in a 1-to-1 manner. Agents and advisors can now reach out quickly and efficiently to a select group of clients, and then carry on that conversation in a personal way.

Broadcast Message Use Cases

Broadcast Messages can help agents and advisors solve for critical financial services challenges, such as:

  • Wealth Management: quickly contact your highest net worth clients to reassure them during volatile market movements
  • Life Insurance: proactively communicating with a list of clients who are due to renew their services on a particular date
  • P&C Insurance: create a geographical list of clients to notify them of developments in the area, such as weather-related catastrophes


How to Create a Broadcast Message

  1. Click on New Broadcast in the top right corner of the Relate interface.
  2. Give your Broadcast Message a title by typing into the Name this Broadcast Message field.
  3. Start typing in numbers or contact names into the Select Contacts field. Select up to 8.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Send a text like you normally would.



Once the Broadcast list has been created, usersmust send their first text via the desktop application. After that, users can send Broadcast messages from either the desktop or mobile application.

Broadcast lists are denoted with 📢. While Broadcast Messages are sent to multiple people, the replies come back as an individual text conversation.


Replies to messages sent with Broadcast lists will never go back to the Broadcast list but instead will appear as individual 1-1 messages in their separate Conversations. Broadcast Messages are not the same as group texting.


Why are recipients limited to 8?

  • Initially we want to ensure Broadcast messaging isn’t used to spam customers. In time, we fully expect to increase this limit (with a potential maximum of 25 per FINRA guidance).

Can I receive replies to Broadcast message?

  • All replies to Broadcast Messages will be received in a 1-to-1 manner under individual Conversations. Broadcast Message threads will not display any replies.

Will I be able to create Broadcast lists on mobile?

  • Not initially, but the ability to create Broadcast lists via mobile will be available at a later date.

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