Adding Contacts in Bulk (Relate)

To add contacts in bulk, click "Import from CSV."  You will be presented with the following screen where you can click Download our sample CSV file. A blank .CSV file will be downloaded to your computer which can be opened in Microsoft Excel. The following fields will be presented for you to enter in your information: First Name, Last Name, Phone and Email.

Add as many contacts as you need and save your .CSV file to include your edits. Once finished, return to Hearsay and click Select File. Choose the saved file from your computer to move forward.

You will be presented with a preview of your .CSV file, only displaying the first 3 contacts within your file. Note: This is only a preview, as demonstrated by the text under the table which read “Previewing the first 3 contacts in your file out of 4 total.” If needed, you have the ability to toggle the fields by pressing the arrow buttons to reassign the column. Once completed, click Continue to complete the process.



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