Filtering Conversations in Hearsay Relate

The Filter button in the top-left corner of your Conversations tab will organize your conversations into the following queues:

  • Broadcast: Conversations with up to 40 recipients (or the maximum number determined by your organization) who receive your text messages separate and private of each other. Any responses will be located within the contact's separate conversation and is not shared with other members of the Broadcast message.
  • Group: View your group messages
  • Unread Messages: Messages you have not yet read
  • Starred Conversations (Desktop Only): Messages that have been starred/flagged as important. Being able to star and un-star conversations simplifies prioritization and follow-up tasks because it allows users to flag important conversations and respond more quickly and effectively. 
  • Unanswered: Messages you have read but have not yet answered
  • Opted-in: Contacts who have responded YES to your opt-in message, or opted-in via the share consent link. These users can be texted at any time.
  • Needs Opt-in: Contacts from your book of business who have not yet been sent the opt-in message.
  • Pending Opt-in: Contacts who have been sent the opt-in message but have not yet responded.
  • Opted-out: Contacts who responded STOP to your opt-in message.
  • Hidden Conversations: Conversations that have been hidden from view until a new text message is received.
  • Marked as Spam: Conversations that have been hidden from view and won't alert once a new text message is received.

To filter your conversations for unread and unanswered texts, log into your Hearsay Relate account on either your desktop or mobile device. On your conversation window, tap the Filter icon. From here, you can review all broadcast message groups, conversations you’ve hidden or marked as spam, as well as unread and unanswered messages.

Unread messages are texts that haven’t been opened and read by either you or your workspace members. Unanswered messages indicate that the customer hasn’t received a response yet from you or your team. As a pro tip, set up Outside of Working Hour text messages to provide auto-generated responses to your customers who text you when your office is closed. That feature can be located on the Account Page of your Hearsay Relate account on your computer.

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