Making and Receiving Phone Calls/Caller ID

Whether you have a net-new number from Hearsay, or you're using a landline number, you can make outbound phone calls from the Hearsay Relate mobile app.

Despite using your mobile phone to make these calls, your contacts and recipients will only see your business or landline number when they receive your call.

  • If you are using a net-new number, you have the ability to:
    - Make outbound phone calls using the mobile app
    - Receive inbound phone calls using the mobile app

  • If you are using a landline number, you have the ability to:
    - Make outbound phone calls using the mobile app
    - Inbound phone calls will still be directed and received on your physical landline phone as they did before.


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Enabling Caller ID

In iOS: 

The Hearsay Relate app extension needs to be added to the phone settings as an additional step of onboarding. This cannot be automated and requires iPhone users to manually enable the app's call directory extension.

  1. iPhone users must open their Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and select Phone.
  3. Select Call Blocking and Identification.
  4. Tap on the Hearsay Relate toggle to activate. If green, the setting is enabled. 

In Android: 

All Android device types are supported by default with no further action needed, with the exception of Samsung devices. This is due to a Samsung limitation that prevents the Samsung dialer from looking at application contact directories.



Q: I have Dan saved in my personal contacts as "Dan" and saved as "Dan from Realty" in my business contacts. If he calls me, what will I see? 

A: There is an Order of Precedence that both iOS and Android operating systems use when making matches for Caller ID. The device Contact Directory always takes precedence and is the highest priority for any matches. In this case, you would see "Dan".

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