Deleting and Restoring Contacts

Members of a workspace can easily remove unnecessary or outdated contacts. They can also restore any contact that they want to bring back in to their book of business after it’s been deleted.

This capability is available on the Mail, Relate, and Social apps on the Web, and also on the Relate mobile application. 


Deleting and Restoring a Single Contact on Desktop

A member of a workspace can delete a contact either by:through the contacts drawer, by selecting and clicking the trash can icon in the upper right-hand corner.

After a contact is deleted, it will no longer show in the general contacts list; it will only show if the user selects the Deleted Contacts option in the Show dropdown menu.  A contact can’t be edited after it has been deleted. 

A single, deleted contact can be restored by clicking the Restore button in the upper right-hand corner. 


Bulk-Deleting and Bulk-Restoring Contacts on Desktop

Contacts can be bulk-deleted on the Web app by:

  1. Checking the box next to the contact
  2. Navigating to Bulk Actions
  3. Selecting Delete Contacts 

After completing these steps, a prompt will appear so the user can confirm that the selected contacts should be deleted. Once the action is confirmed, the page will refresh and the deleted contacts will no longer be visible in the general contacts list.  

To bulk-restore contacts, start by viewing Deleted Contacts under the Show drop-down menu and select the contacts that are visible.

Next, look under the Bulk Actions drop down and select the Restore Contacts option. This will restore the previously deleted contacts to the general contacts list.



Q: Why aren’t deleted contacts showing in my business contacts?

A: After a contact has been deleted, it will only show if you filter to find Deleted Contacts. 

Q: Can I edit a deleted contact?

A: Once a user restores a contact that was previously deleted, it can be edited.  


Q: If a contact is deleted on one product, will it also be deleted on the other products for the same workspace?

A: Yes, all Delete and Restore actions are synced across products and platforms within a workspace. 


Q: Can CRM contacts be deleted?

A: At this time, they can’t be deleted. We may revisit this in the future.


Q: Are contacts managed at a user level or at a workspace level?

A: Contacts are managed at the workspace level. For example, if a member of your workspace deletes or restores a contact, it will be reflected to all users in the workspace.  


Q: Where is a user’s biometric data stored? How are we ensuring compliance with biometric security laws?

A:  Biometric data is stored on the user’s own device; not by Hearsay Social. The device validates whether or not the biometric scan matches what it has recorded (whether it’s fingerprint or FaceID). If the scan matches, the application unlocks; if it doesn’t match, the application does not unlock. If the biometric unlocking fails the maximum number of times (3 times on iOS; 5 times on Android), the user will need to log in to Social via email.

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