Emojis Supported by Hearsay

Emojis are small images that are used in electronic messages and are a great way to add personalization and style to your content. They convey a sense of emotion that can often be lost in translation when relegated strictly to text.

Currently, the latest set of emojis released in 2021, referenced as Version 13.1, is supported in Hearsay Social. For a full list of emojis, please click this link.

Once you've located an emoji:

1. Highlight the emoji from the above link. Right-click it and select Copy.

2. In your post in Hearsay, right-click and select Paste.

This process will ensure that your emoji appears properly on your social profiles and pages.

Currently, there are 3521 emojis. New sets are released each year and Hearsay Social will be prepared to support the newly added emojis.



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