Scheduling Content in Hearsay Social

By default, the scheduled time is Now which means the post will be published immediately upon selecting the Publish button or, if your organization requires approval, the post will be published after the post is approved.  It can take several minutes for content to appear on the social media network after it has been published in Hearsay.

To change the date or time when your post will be published to your social networks, follow the steps below:

  1. In the Publisher tool, select Post Time under Social Accounts to open the calendar and time selection section.
  2. Select the day you would like your post to be published on the calendar located on the left side of the Post Time. Select the arrows to the right of the name of the month to switch months of the year.
  3. To change the time your post will be published, select the Time Selection drop-down arrow.
  4. Select one of the provided times from the list or select Custom Time to enter a desired time.


Selecting Suggested Times

Select the Suggested Times check box to publish your post at the times suggested for each social media account.


Note: If you have already scheduled posts to be published which also includes any scheduled posts that are part of a campaign, there will be a blue dot under the scheduled date on the calendar.

To access or edit scheduled posts, select Scheduled from the Post Library list on the left menu bar of your Posts page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: My post was supposed to be published but when I went to check on it, it still hasn't posted. Why? Should I republish it? 

A:  Due to intermittent high volumes of network activity, it can sometimes take several minutes for content to appear on the social media network after it has been published in Hearsay, and publishing again could cause the post to be published twice. If a post still hasn't published by the end of the day, please reach out to your admin. 

"Greyed Out Social Networks"

Q: Even though I have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram connected to my workspace, the publisher window is only allowing me to share to some of these networks and not all of them. Why is this?

A: Your administration team, in order to better suit the environment of the network, can limit pre-approved content to specific accounts. As an example, a post may be curated specifically for LinkedIn but not for Instagram as it does not support hyperlinks.

Pro Tip: When viewing your content library, reference the Network filter on the bottom-left corner of your screen. This tool will allow you to filter networks/accounts that have pre-approved content available for them.

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