Publishing Content

Your organizations have done tremendous jobs of creating and curating content for your instant-publishing or scheduling use. Click Content > Posts to navigate to your Content Library, where you can view all of the pre-approved content available to you.


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Required Modification Content

If a post within your library includes text such as <ENTER OFFICE CONTACT> the end-user will be required to modify the text and remove the < > symbols before the post will successfully publish. This enables advisors and agents the ability to add a personal touch to a templated library post. For more information, please watch the following video:


Frequently Asked Questions:


Greyed Out Social Networks

Q: Even though I have a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram connected to my workspace, the publisher window is only allowing me to share to some of these networks and not all of them. Why is this?

A: Your administration team, in order to better suit the environment of the network, can limit pre-approved content to specific accounts. As an example, a post may be curated specifically for LinkedIn, but not for Instagram as this network does not support hyperlinks.
Pro Tip: When viewing your content library, reference the Network filter on the bottom-left corner of your screen. This tool will allow you to filter networks/accounts that have pre-approved content available for them.