Sending/Resending/Customizing the Opt-In (Attestation) Text

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What Is Attestation?
Sending the Opt-In (Attestation) Text
Opt-In Guidance Follow-Up Text
Resending the Opt-In (Attestation) Text
Customizing the Opt-In (Attestation) Text
Implied Opt-In


What Is Attestation?

Attestation is the process of requesting permission to text message customers or prospects. This means getting legal consent to have communication and activity monitored and retained. Opt-In is a process which puts the power in the hands of your contacts, helping protect you and your staff regarding telecommunication regulations. In order to text compliantly, your organization will have chosen from either of the following opt-in methods:

  • Opt-In: Requires the user to send the opt-in message. The contact must respond "YES", verbatim, in order for the user to send further text messages.
  • Personalized Opt-In: Allows the user to include a greeting message that appears prior to the opt-in message. The contact must respond "YES", verbatim, in order for the user to send further text messages.
  • Implied Opt-In: The user sends the opt-in message and is able to send follow-up text messages directly after. The contact can opt out of the conversation at any time by responding "STOP". 

Watch the following video for a brief overview:


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Sending the Opt-In (Attestation) Text:

In order to compliantly text your contacts, you may need to send them the Opt-In (Attestation) message displayed here before you can begin using your own custom language. Once your contact responds YES, you will then be able to text them using your own custom language. If the contact does not respond for 24 hours, you will be able to re-send the opt-in message.



Opt-In Guidance Follow-Up Text:

If a client responds to an attestation request with something other than YES, they will receive a follow-up instructional text telling them that they either need to respond with YES to continue or STOP to end the conversation.



Resending the Opt-In (Attestation) Text:

Note: The ability to resend the opt-in message, as well as the number of attempts available to resend it, is controlled by your organization and varies amongst Hearsay customers. For more specific information, please consult your organization's compliance team.

If the contact does not respond for 24 hours, and if permitted by your organization, you may re-send the opt-in message. To re-send, locate your contact's conversation and tap Ask Now. This button will only reappear once 24 hours have passed since your prior attempt.



Customizing the Opt-In (Attestation) Text:

If enabled and approved by your organization, you will have the ability to customize the language included in your Opt-In message:

  1. Click New Conversation in the top-right corner of your workspace.
  2. Type in the name or phone number of the contact you wish to text.
  3. You will be presented with the screen shown below. Type in your custom text where it says "Write your message..." to proceed.
  4. Once you have typed in your message, click Send. Per compliance rules, the following message will be appended with your text: "Text YES to opt-in, to opt-out text STOP. Type GETINFO for more details."
  5. Your message will then be combined with your organization's Opt-In requirement, allowing your contact to respond YES once they are ready to text.4.jpg

Implied Opt-In:

Another option available based on your organization's compliance policy is the Implied Opt-In method. This prompts you to first send the opt-in message. However, directly after, you can begin texting your contact using your own custom language without the contact needing to respond YES. Your contact can opt out of the conversation at any time by responding STOP.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What happens when my contacts says STOP?
A: Once a contact writes STOP, Hearsay Relate will send a message on your behalf letting the contact know that communication has been halted. However, the contact can respond UNSTOP to reinstate communication at which point Hearsay Relate will send a second message on your behalf.


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