Hearsay Relate Desktop Notifications

Once you receive an unread text message, your Conversations tab will update. A blue text bubble will be listed next to the contact's name or phone number, associated with the unread text. Once this conversation has been read, the icon will be removed.

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If your web browser supports notifications (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge), you can receive alerts on your computer when a new text message is received.

When opening your Relate account in desktop mode for the very first time, you will be prompted with the following window where you will need to click Enable Notifications.


Your browser may then ask you if it is okay to enable the notification update. Allow the notifications for the feature to work properly.


When a new text message is received, not only will your Conversations tab update with a blue text bubble, but your browser will generate a notification alert, usually at the top-right corner of your screen.



Note: Internet Explorer does not support browser notifications and will not present the above windows.


You can also find a button to enable desktop notifications under your Relate Account tab. This will enable permissions for you. If you don't see this button on your Account tab, then that means notifications are already correctly enabled.


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